Knowledge infrastructure for customer service teams

Now in private beta

Improving team performance

Dology improves quality and productivity of customer service teams, leading to happier customers.

Unleashing knowledge bases

At Dology we believe that knowledge should not be locked up, but integrated in the tools teams already use daily.

Enhancing collaboration

Dology gives users additional tools to collaborate, leading to capturing more information

Bringing Notion into Zendesk

Dology Connector

Customer Service teams using Notion and Zendesk can now use Dology Connector to interact with their knowledge inside their CRM. Currently in private beta, contact us if you would like to join.

Upcoming launches

Our roadmap

We are working on exciting new solutions that turbo-charge the way customer service teams collaborate on creating and maintaining their shared knowledge.Launches will happen throughout 2023, stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter below.

About us

Get to know Dology

At Dology we believe that knowledge is created when people collaborate and interact with each other, not in blank pages. Our founders Rolf and José created Dology to improve the knowledge infrastructure of customer service teams, after they experienced first-hand how customers benefit from better informed representatives.With Dology we decided to redefine the existing methodologies of knowledge management. Reach out if you are interested in joining our journey.


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